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Aldaspan’s comments on “Uly Kosh” album

In this album we tried to prove that Kazakh language as a member of Turkic group of languages sounds quite good in rock genre along with Germanic languages where the words are short. We know that languages with long words are very hard to use in Rock.

Secondly, going on to discover the new sound of new instruments we use (electric solo, rhythm and bass dombyra)  we tried to show that our ancient two-stringed plucked instrument has not less potential than normal electric guitar with 6 strings. It is obvious when you listen to Max’s solo in the songs  of this album.

Thirdly, folk set of notes we used in our compositions gave a very interesting and unique sound to our group. You may see it in Uly Kosh and El dastan songs.

In the fourth, Kazakh contemporary songs always contain very pathetic wordings which are rarely used in daily life and audience is used to listen pathetic lyrics in Kazakh songs.   Besides any Kazakh group must sing about patriotism in their songs according to the expectations of Kazakh audience. Our songs Uly Kosh and El dastan are to meet these expectations. We’d like to remind you that our song Aldaspan from our first album was also very patriotic.


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