1. What's the genre of Aldaspan group?

It is rather multi-genre, because we introduce a very new instrument to the world, so we plan to show it in differnt sounds:

1. Rock .

2. Hard Rck.

3. Soft Rock.

4. Heavy metal/Thrash metal/Speed metal/Hard core/

5. Ethnic Rock.

6. Ethnic thrash (new, by us)

7. Experimental Rock.

8. Nomad Rock (new, by us, like gothic rock)

2. What is kui?

Kui is an instrumental musical composition with 1,5-4 minutes length. This type of composition is met in musical culture of almost all Kipchak peoples, including Kazakhs and Kyrgyzs. Kui is performed with different national plucked, bow and wind instruments such as Dombyra, Qobyz, Syrnai, etc. Mostly Kuis are performed with plucked instruments: Dombyra of Kazakhs and Komuz of Kyrgyzs. In 20-ies centuries Kazakh soviet musicians experimented with chorus performance of Kuis.

3. What is aldaspan?

Aldaspan (kazakh language) is heavy saber that has unusual form: the end is much wide than the beginning. Because of its form it does not have sheath. It was used by turkic tribes against armoured cavalry and soldiers. It is often mentioned in Turkic poems and met in Middle Century paintings of Asian artists of the past.


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