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(Nurzhan) Nurzhan T. Toishy (Drums, vocals)

Founder, producer, director of the band. Owner of idea.

Date of birth 06.07.1973 Almaty, Kazakhstan

1980-1990 Secondary school #120, Almaty, Kazakhstan

1990-1995 Kazakh State Academy of Architecture and construction (engineer/economist). Almaty, Kazakhstan

1995-1996 Almaty Bank college.(banking) Almaty, Kazakhstan

2002-2004 Kazakh National Technical University (engineer). Almaty, Kazakhstan

2007-2009 Maastricht School of Management (MBA) / IAB joint program. Maastricht, Netherland, . Almaty, Kazakhstan

No musical education, except private dombyra classes and 1 year Dombyra classes in Musical School after Zhubanov, Almaty, Kazakhstan in 1986-1987.


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