Contemporary ethnic music fest

Contemporary ethnic music festival "The spirit of tengri"

According to STV channel starts the project Contemporary ethnic music festival "The spirit of tengri".

The organizers plan to gather within the frames of the fest musicians that play folk music in contemporary way. Those are musicians of world class. Most of them are famous not only in their homeland but internationally. Many bands have representations abroad, i.e. in EU. For example the participant of Peter Gabriel's project Sevara Nazarkhan.

During several months the participants will go through voting by listeners. According to the project's producer Zhan Kasteev listeners already can enjoy the video by the participants on STV channel. People may "like" their favorites on Facebook page. There will be three steps: listeners' voting, hit parade of favorites and the open air fest itself.

At the moment there are 12 participants, such as Argamak (Russia, Republic of Bashkortostan), "Namgar" (Russia, Buryatia), "Sainho Namchylak" (Russia, Tuva), "Hanggai" (China, Internal Mongolia). Kazakhstan is represented by Roksonaki, Magic of Nomads, "Aldaspan", Singer Assem with her project called Tengri and others.

The president of STV channel Mr. Batyr Kazybaev hopes that Kazakhstan as a country situated on the boundries of different cultures may become a leading stage for projects like this. The Spirit Of Tengri is a unique cultural event. And by the way it is a spectacular show on our channel everyone must see. - said Mr. Kazybaev.

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