Discography of Aldaspan

Balqadisha Release - 2018 year




Seniora Nervozo Release - 2016 year

Lyrics and music by Nurzhan Toishy. Arrangement by Aldaspa. Recordered and mastered at Aimvi production center. Sound engineer Shokan Orazaev.

Zhol Release - 2014 year

Alternative rock, pop rock

Elge Qait Release - 2012 year

Ancient Turkic musical tradition called *shertpe kui* which is similar to western blues genre. Album is a mixture of electric solo dombyra, bass dombyra, african percussion, rain stick, finger stick and keyboard.

Uly kosh Release - 2012 year

Contemporary rock album. It hard to classify the gengre because of the new sound of new electric instruments. Something like pop rock with new metal.

Tokpe Light Release - 2012 year

This album is full with old Kazakh instrumental tradition called Tokpe kui. It sounds like 60-70 ies of the last century when we witnessed the birth of rock-n-roll and hard rock. This album is an ancient answer of Turkic people to western old school rock music.

Attila Release - 2011 year

This is the very first album of Aldaspan group. Recorded in Moscow, 2011. Now you can download it free of charge!  Go here (domestic use only): http://aldaspan.com/en/files/128.html

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