Тексты песен » The legend of Aqsaq Qulan (lame onager)

The legend of Aqsaq qulan
(lame onager)
(Слова: Нуржан Тойшы, Музыка: Народная (казахский кюй Аксак кулан, примерно. 13-14 век), Аранжировка: Aldaspan)
Слова не были использованы по решению группы при записи.

The only son of powerful khan
Takes permission to go and hunt
He gives his soldiers to guard
Lets him go and preys his God
He’s my only beloved son
Oh God please save him, save him God!
In case his son was somehow dead
Everyone new his cruel Dad.

The story is about Aqsaq Qulan

I’m your chief my title’s khan
You keep an eye on him, don’t  hunt
Whoever says my son is gone
I give khan’s word  I’ll make it done
Prepare silver melt it down
It will be poured into the mouth
Of one who’ll  say my son is down.
I’ll be praying in my house

No one could stop the cruel Khan

The son was hunting all day long
One onager went down from his shot
It wasn’t dead it was alive
The son comes by to take it home
The lame onager kills the son
No one was ready to tell the khan
An old warrior has taken dombyra
And started playing aqsaq qulan

Without speaking to the Khan

Oh, warrior stop playing!

This dombyra has got bad news
The melted silver must be used
I’m the khan I keep my word
Pour that into it, it won’t hurt
The old warrior saved his life
Dombyra was punished no need to lie
It swallowed silver instead of him
But any legend might be a lie…

That was about Aqsaq Qulan!