Тексты песен » The knowledge

The knowledge
(Слова: Нуржан Тойшы, Музыка: Нуржан Тойшы, Аранжировка: Aldaspan)

Another day has come with problems.
Another day has come with dread.
And loving mother asks her children
Who they would call a real friend.

They named guys. They weren’t many
But mother said: “Betrayal exists…”
They said: “Our wives and our husbands?”
And she replied: “Divorce may hit!”

They were confused by mama’s answers
And they continued: “May be you?”
And she replied: “Yes, only as far as
I am alive I’ll care about you!”

They said: “It must be our colleagues?”
 “For a while if career is up…”
They said: “relatives and children?”
She said: “Ok, but if they give you up?

“So mama who’s friend, please, tell us!”
She said: “The knowledge, it’ll rise you up!
With force, no one can take it from you!
God blessed the knowledge that’s a fact.”

“If you have knowledge you are demanded.
They’ll have a need in you. And you,
You will be paid, and may be followed
They won’t be away from you!